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last night murreh spent the night and we went to get shtuffs for her rat. she ended up getting it a leash and chew toys. it was kinda neato. then we went to blockbuster and rented the simpson's boxing game. for once i saw alexa, it was odd, she pops up in a dream and the next day there she is. her and timmy were at blockbuster and timmy says hi to me and mary and she does that whole "gawd why are you talking to those people? hurry up" type thing by just standing there and tapping her foot and being blatanly annoyed. it was stupid. no one cares and it just makes her look like MORE of a bitch. so here's where i fuck up. i don't just randomly tell people how i feel about them because i think it is tarded but i couldn't help it. timmy asks "you know alexa right?" and i say quite loudly without thinking twice, "yeah, she's a real BITCH!"...... so far everyone has thought that is funny but i just don't see it. then we played simpson's wrestling. all of the battles took a long time but all the characters had cool weapons and lisa had her EVIL SAXOPHONE OF DOOM!!..... it rocked my socks. then out of total boredom mary made me an icon and updated my lj. did a nice job if i do say so mahself. she sees a pop up. why we chose not to ignore it? it looked too funny and intriguing. it was supposed to find "pornographic" files in my computer. it didn't find a lot of true actual straight up PORN...... but it found 876 files that it found to be unsuitable for children with graphic content. it labeled the file porn if it so much as had the word or a picture of a TATTOO!! TATOO FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!...... some of the other funny shit it found was "file contains female nipple", file contains "satan", XXX,XXX,XXX, file contains "terrorist", so forth and so on. it was quite amusing to me. had i deleted all of what that program considers pornographic i would have NOTHING LEFT ON MY COMPUTER!!..... odd yes?.... then today we went to the mall. first we went to wendy's to eat lunch. now this encounter was much more pleasant than our LAST wendy's encounter. these very angry looking black men seemed to want to shoot mary for having a lynyrd skynyrd shirt on with a rebel flag (luckily she took off the bandana before she came to my house!). today was quite amusing for you see, my dear friend ryan thinks i am in love with a certain ball grabbing wendy's employee named john. as me and mary sat in there i kept making cracks about it and i think he heard me tell mary how sexie he looked washing tables. in fact he came by and gave me a really funny look like wtf??...... it was indeed odd. somewhat scary too. then we found a guy who looked like an adult ADAM....... he walked like adam too and he had a baby adam with him. it was SKURRY!!...... and mary said she had found my twin but when she pointed to him he was a tall muscular black man...... oh yeah...... i see the resemblance now. and alex was flicking rubberbands at me and turning afro ken into a muslim terrorist and screaming ALLAH! and telling me it was all my fault that my whole family was on antidepressants. you know it is sad because i used to think that and still sorta do. thanks for reminding me alex. what a great friend you are. really. ugh..... oh well i think i may just take a nap now and hopefully find something else to do tonight but if i don't it is fine cuz i've had a pretty super day.
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