Vicki Stixxx (vicki_stixxx) wrote,
Vicki Stixxx

behind every great black man is........

tha police?

a really cute butt?

probable cause?

NO! a strong black woman!

hehe....... me and wilson saw undercover brother today and she swears she saw him wearing orange converse. hehe. we've seen several pairs of orange converse in the past few days. funny. i didn't know they MADE them in orange til marching season and now they are..... EVERYWHERE!! EVERYWHERE I TELL YOU!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!...... i am growing quite fond of that dead kennedys song "riot"........ and for some reason i have a tendency to go around saying "tomorrow you're homeless, tonight it's a blast." in this cryptic voice. mary is being nice to me but she hasn't felt like hanging out in a few days. 'tis ok. hopefully she is not blowing me off but i doubt she would. tomorrow i think i am going to the mall with my sister. it is quite odd cuz i haven't been there in a WHILE. back when i had my tylenol i went often. this sucks. i need a new friend. don't get me wrong i love the ones i got but i feel a need to have something new in my life. a new person. a change in lifestyle (turn totally gay! jk.) a new place to go. a new biznatch. it isn't so much that i am unhappy but i dunno..... a little change every now and then is good. maybe i should reorganize my room or some shit. who knows?......
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