Vicki Stixxx (vicki_stixxx) wrote,
Vicki Stixxx

wow! something GOOD HAPPENED TO ME!

well i've hung out with payne the last couple days. and i thought i didn't have any FRIENDS! i've decided i need to stop listening to myself when i start thinking shit like that. the first day we watched hedwig and the angry inch and then went a walking. we went to the dollar store and kind of noticed that EVERYONE IN THERE IS SO FRICKIN QUIET! we're not quite sure why but we were afraid to talk so we left. then we had some food at quizno's, which was quite excellent. i got a kid's meal and poor payne could afford no drink with his food...... so then we got this brilliant idea to get another straw and drink out of my cute little kiddie cup. the workers didn't seem to give a shit about us but GAWD ALL THE PEOPLE IN THERE WOULDN'T STOP STARING!!.... it was quite amusing..... we put my puzzle that came as a toy together at the table and then left taking tons of coffee mate and lemons with us. then we went to game exchange and keith came out, looked at us funny, and walked back. his eyes got huge and i'm not sure what exactly the fuck was going on. maybe i skurred him. who knows. then we did a bit more shopping and payne goes BACK to quizno's to get another refill and more lemon and creamer. then we walked BACK to his house and watched nurse betty and raided the liquor cabinet. i got out some martini shit and put about a shot glass worth in my orange juice. i wanted a buzz but not drunkeness and now i do not see how betsy gets her thrills outta that shit. see i didn't realize that orange juice was gonna make all that bacardi go straight to my head! my arm went numb and it was my left arm so i thought i was gonna have a heart attack but once payne explained why i was all good. twas quite odd. then my arm i couldn't burp or fart and i was all laid back. but there's no way in hell i will ever do that again cuz betsy makes me think alcohol sucks and so do preppies. them and AA make that a very unenjoyable practice for me. then we watched invader zim and payne was hooked. in fact when he came back over today i gaved him gir shoe laces. today was very cool too. we went to see scooby doo and talked to this guy who has an obsessing with headwig. he says it's gonna be his halloween costume! yay! that was the greatest stoner movie EVER! we all agreed that movie did NOT need to be rated pg. matthew lillard is my new hero and i want to have lots of sex with him! haha....... i mean seriously that movie rocked some socks. then we went home and listened to some tenacious d and watched now what. basically the whole two day has rocked my socks because well i've been so depressed lately and now people want to hang out with me. tomorrow jessica is supposed to come spend the night but we are both going out with our dads for fathers day. mary also leaves tomorrow to see her dads and i will miss her much but i am supposed to draw SKAGGS! well i gotsta get some sleep now...... NIGHTY NIGHT!
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