Vicki Stixxx (vicki_stixxx) wrote,
Vicki Stixxx

my first sneaking out experience...........

catherine and i decided we were bored and had nothing to do. so we called our new friend timothy. he said he would hang out with us so we snuck out catherine's window and ben drove us to central to meet them. we stayed there for a bit but had to be quiet because we weren't supposed to be here...... grr...... his mommy showed up. we were all quite paranoid. i finally met andre. i don't see why murreh hates him so much but i trust her reasons. i just happen to respect him for SAVING OUR WHITE SUBURBAN ASSES!! see....... all the guys got stoned but not us because drug free is the way to be!! and these two dudes came over who neither of them liked and they told us we could have a ride home if we gave them head. we said no OVER AND OVER AND OVER but they kept saying we had no choice and saying it was either that or get mugged. andre told them off and said how fucked up that was and ended up in the end getting us a ride. but FUCK!! that 45 minutes or so while he was finding us one was terrifying!! i mean we are thinking that we're gonna hafta walk home 5 miles through the ghetto where cops run rampant. as a matter of fact........ we were PLANNING to walk home until we saw a cop car drive by the house. luckily this guy jonathan owed andre a favor so he snuck in his parents room and got the keys to his truck and drove us off. haha. he was supposed to be grounded. 'twas quite amusing. we were surprised though cuz the guys went through hell to get us home but THEY WANTED US TO COME BACK AND SEE THEM!!...... we figured they'd hate us for like ever but not in the least did they. we got into the house undetected and to this day have not been caught.
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