Vicki Stixxx (vicki_stixxx) wrote,
Vicki Stixxx

i am a turtle.

i am a little turtle.

and as it's always been,

i have a little shell to protect me

and in which for me to hide in.

as long as it is here for me my enemies stay away,

but now i have this feeling that has put me in dismay.

i feel a heavy load pushing upon my back,

after it keeps pushing i feel a little crack.


but somehow despite my slowness i manage to run away.

but now there is problem, i must grow my shell back.

but during this vulnerable stage, how will i survive attack?

there is no where to run,

there is no where to hide.

if it does not grow back soon then surely i will die.

i've stayed away from predators, but now the softest touch

sends me into a spasm because it will hurt so much.

sure it isn't much, and if my shell were here,

i simply could ignore it (OH MY SHELL I HOLD SO DEAR!)

i wouldn't even notice, i'd simply think about

the things that make me happy and things i could live without.

but now i start to notice, these little bitty pains

that once were unimportant, but now i'm stuck in bitter rain.

when this shell grows back, i'll be myself again.

but until then i must be strong or come to bitter end.

for when it has returned to me i will survive the worst,

oh this little shell that's protected me ever since my birth.
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